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Based in Chicago

Beta Release Date:

January 2018 (Mac/Windows)

Release Date:

TBA (Mac/Windows)


Itch.io PC/Mac




Sashimi Slammers is an alternative controller game where fish are destined to die, duke it out to see who is more honorable. Two players slam on plastic fish controllers which control what two fish do on screen, they try to push their opponent into the deep fryer before they can get pushed in themselves.


In January of 2018,  a small three man team of college students decided to  take a different approach to making a game. 10 days later they managed to Slap together what is identified as the beta version of Sashimi Slammers. After running this version of the game along with it's fishy alternative controllers to a few festivals, the group decided to grow out and expand on the game. The team grew to five and development has restarted as of February 2019.


  • Sashimi Slammers wacky alternative controllers brings a whole new take on the phrase "playing with your food" in that the controllers themselves are fish that you hit to play the game.

  • Enjoy some fun for all ages with the intuitive two button controls scheme meant for easy pick up and play action

  • Duke it out with a friend with the round based system to see who can come out on top

  • Jam out to handcrafted music and keep a look out for more to come soon

  • Coming Soon:  Don't have fish controllers? No worries! Utlize the companion controller app to use your phone as the controller!


Sashimi Slammers Trailer 1

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Beta Release of Game
Come test out the game for FREE at zmackerel.itch.io/sashimi-slammers
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